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Poop Joke

Poop jokes are cool no matter what.

I Just Cant

i cant make myself navigate away from this page. every day when i open my internet and all of yesterdays tabs open, this comes up. this is pretty epic.

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Pure crap

this movie is the purest form of crappy poop crap-crap mcGeeface. lucky for you... i like crap.

Oney responds:

i love you back flap jack!

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You have a small bug, or maybe its a mechanic that i'm not seeing. If you don't put any points into lives per level the number listed at the top says Inf. Is this a glitch or am i missing something here?


I remember playing PaRappa the Rapper on a demo disc i had for my PS1, and i never beat the onion head. good game


it seems like a good first try, i beat the entire game and i have some suggestions.
1. Please for the love of god work on your art, PLEASE!!
2. Make a menu that is actually easy to navigate and see, i had to guess what half the costs were.
3. this game gets hard Fast, maybe you shouldn't make collisions with enemies deal 54 million damage? please?
4 Please for the love of god work on your art, PLEASE!!

other than that decent game. I also find it quite odd that the swf is named robokill..?(i didn't say i beat the entire game legit now did i? :P)

default0 responds:

Yep, I already know that I have to work on my art, and thats pretty much what I did the last 2 weeks, though I didn't update the games graphics ^^
I myself found the menu quite easy to understand, well, I'm not too sure about it, since I made it
Oh and yep, the damage is one thing I hate by myself, unfortunately I cannot change this without ripping away a huge part of game functionality....

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the first half

i really like the first half of this song, but the second half not so much.

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I have to...

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

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heaven-e-hell responds:

what? over 9000

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