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FlaskMan's News

Posted by FlaskMan - August 28th, 2010

I'm not sure if i should post a LFW(Looking for Work) post in the General, Flash, or Programmers section of the forum. and even then I'm not sure how well it would work out. Perhaps I'll keep my eye out on the forums for people needing a programmer.

!!! OR !!!

i can put my name into that list of people looking to collaborate and see if i get any results, although to do that i have to post my work in a news post.. Hmm. 'fraid i can't do that..... heh, jk.

My finished works can be seen in my profile, though keep in mind I'm a programmer and a terrible artist. And I do have a few unfinished things lying around on Spam the Web.

Mission Altruism(Tentative Title), this is a turret defense game that I was working on for a while, I had attempted to beef up my artwork for this one, but then after constant destructive criticism from my dad eventually dropped the project.

Another Random Space Game, this was a game engine I was building with the intention of using it in conjunction with others to build a space game. The controls are Arrow Keys, and Space. The core engine is down, and is fairly well written. Eventually a friend asked if I could give him a tutorial to build the same thing. Ultimately I decided to give him the unfinished game after walking him through the source. He took it and last I knew had it build up to this using little more than what i had in place already. He added several new enemy types, as well as a 'special attack' by pressing CTRL. His artwork is no better then mine

Let me know if you pick me for your project. And if you decide not to drop a comment here to let me know why so that I can better myself for the next opportunity.

And if it matters i roll CS3, CS4, and Flash Develop.

Posted by FlaskMan - March 17th, 2010


Posted by FlaskMan - March 14th, 2010

Well, i personally dont think its 100% ready but Bloo-Apple saw fit to decompile the swf i sent him, and fix a few things and upload it while i was playing LoL. Obviously i have a few grievances with that, two of the songs are hugely unfinished, and we had to completely cut a whole song, the song select shows incorrect data for the last two levels, and i didn't get a chance to make the intro and song select musics louder. I'll admit i put it off for a while and i do apologize to Bloo for that, but seriously man.

I'm taking a break from flash for a while. I'm quite angry.

Posted by FlaskMan - January 13th, 2010

To anyone who gives a Flying Fuck -
just released a new game with Bloo-Apple:

Now go play it before i burn down your entire house.
just kidding lulz i wouldn't do that!
burn house.

yes, i think i will.

Posted by FlaskMan - January 12th, 2010

well.. just K. Dont ever play WoW. it will ruin you. period........

K - im back i guess

Posted by FlaskMan - July 6th, 2009

yes ma'am i said it. Pingas. what are you gonna do? nothing. thats what. why? because i will shit on you.

Anyway! Yay for working with a fucking retardedly talented artist to make this game. is gon be grate. yesz!

okay um.. yeh, thats about IT.

Posted by FlaskMan - June 12th, 2009

<<Cricket Cricket>>
Since i don't have an award, i don't get to do power of 3 :'( very saddening to me

but no one will ever see this so i guess it doesn't matter

Posted by FlaskMan - June 4th, 2009

i have found a group for the Power of three thing.

Artist: Fawx
Musician: Hopeku
Programmer: Meh!

Im pretty excited to see what designs and art i get from Fawx, and yes my programming has gotten alot better since that god awful entry Castle Crashing the Turtle :/

And an image :D

The Power of 3

Posted by FlaskMan - February 26th, 2009

Lovely, Makin a real game this time (No one battle game over bullshit) and these animations take so fucking long! kinda wish i could draw better too. ah well back to work for me, just figured id get out some worthless non-noticed hype SHA-ZAM! didnt see that coming did yah?

Posted by FlaskMan - October 11th, 2008

<insert questions here>
of you dont know what the hell im talking about it doesn't concern you :)